MST executed seminar as follows from space that person in charge and r…

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MST executed seminar as follows from space that person in charge and researchers attend at HYUNDAI and KIA Motors Namyang research institute


* Date : May 06, 2011 (Friday)

* Seminar subject :

1. Anti-microbial material overview

2. Anti-microbial material merits and demerits comparison

3. Anti-microbial performance standard establishment direction (1 phase) for material and piece part of automobile interior finishing material

4. Development direction presentation (Second-stage) of material of automobile interior finishing material and next generation Biomatarials of parts

5. Where MST's anti-microbial new material is applied and development present condition etc.



*** Other details appended file reference ***

- Appending 1. The seminar data

- Appending 2. Comparison research paper of MST and foreign other company anti-microbial material that is announced in Thailand international Association

(American company's organic world anti-microbial material,   vs  MST'S anti-microbial  MasterBatch,   vs  That Japanese company sell comparison research paper of nano silver inorganic world anti-microbial material)


-Caution -

Seminar attached antimicrobial materials technology, materials and research papers that the Micro Science Tech's own goodwill notice, and use it when I can be prosecuted will be posted.