LG Electronics Seminar related materials antimicrobial master batch

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The company, LG Electronics Institute and the plant was offline and online video.
Development personnel and researchers attended the seminar were as follows:

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   * Date: Fri 11 November 2011

   * Seminar Topic:

       1. Overview in anti-microbial

       2. Classified in anti-microbial

       3. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of anti-microbial material

       4. Washing machines, refrigerators, air purifiers, water purifiers

           anti-microbial performance of electronic products

       5. MST anti-microbial master batch, and developments of new materials

           such as application

*** For detailed information, see attachment *** 

   - Attachment 1. A copy of seminar materials antibacterial master batch materials

   - Attachment 2. Presented at the International Society of Thailand, MST and

                         foreign non-comparative study of the paper materials in antimicrobial

                         (United States vs MST in the company's organic anti-microbial

                           vs anti-microbial masterbatch is a Japanese company

                           that sells silver inorgani anti-microbial thesis on comparative

                           study of material)

    - Attachment 3. Our studies on antimicrobial anti-microbial polymer Papers

                          (Society for more than 3 flights)


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Seminar attached antimicrobial materials technology, materials and research papers that the Micro Science Tech's own goodwill notice, and use it when I can be prosecuted will be posted.